Missed connection

Nirwa Mehta
2 min readJul 10, 2021

‘I wonder why we lost touch over the years,’ he asked.

Prakash had pinged Anita after a gap of eight years. He found her on Instagram and left her a message, ‘Hey, hi, remember me?’

‘Of course, I do! Long time,’ Anita had said.

Prakash wondered what made them lose touch. He remembered how much fun they had that one evening years ago.

Prakash and Anita had met on a dating app six years back and hit it off really well. They both liked enjoyed running marathons for fun and black coffee. After days of exchanging private messages, the duo decided to meet up for drinks.

Anita was initially shy but eventually opened up and there was no stopping her.

After a fun night of drinks and a walk in the park, they decided to catch up again the following week.

“Hey, I had a great evening. I usually take time to open up to people but you made it easy,” Anita texted.

Prakash read the message but did not respond.

Two days later, Anita sent him a message informing him about the half marathon happening in the city. She asked him if he’d like to join in.

Prakash saw the message but did not respond.

Next weekend, when they had promised to meet up again, Anita again messaged Prakash, “Are we meeting later over the weekend?”

Prakash again saw but never replied.

‘Ah, well,’ Anita thought and moved on.

She did not message or call Prakash again.

She had forgotten he existed till he messaged her on Instagram after all these years.

‘Now I remember why we lost touch over the years,’ she thought.



Nirwa Mehta

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