Nirwa Mehta
Oct 13, 2021

We’re all broken

We all are struggling to some extent. Happiness is a myth. I know I have my issues, my demons to slay, my insecurities to overcome. And they are all mine alone.

The childhood issues I’m too afraid to look into and acknowledge, to try and find out the root cause of my severe lack of confidence, everything. We all may appear okay on the surface but most of us are not.

Sometimes all one needs is a slight escape. Don’t get me wrong. I have lovely friends and family. But sometimes I even want to escape from the obvious support system.

At this point, I just want to sit pillion on a bike, go for a ride, feel the wind in my hair. To feel like I’m flying. That if I believe I could fly too. And someone to cheer me on would be good.

Nirwa Mehta

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